4 items guaranteed to clog drains

We attend emergencies at a number of properties at West Rand Plumbing where blocked drains are the cause of the problem. In most circumstances the blockages could have been avoided in the first place if only the homeowner had taken care and avoided tipping certain items down the drain.

To highlight this problem we have listed some of the most common causes of clogged drains, could you be guilty of any of the following?

Fat – Cook something in vegetable oil, olive oil so some kind of cooking fat and the liquid is smooth to begin. Once it cools it’s a different story though, it become a solid wall of white fat, pour hot oil down your sink and it won’t take long to clog up your waste pipe. Avoid this by pouring waste oil into an old bottle or a tin can, then dispose of the waste using environmentally-friendly methods.

Food waste – It’s not just cooking fat that causes problems in kitchens either, food waste in general clogs up a sink quicker than you can say, ‘I need an emergency plumber!’ Empty waste food into the bin, don’t try to pour the leftovers of your cereal bowl down the drain, waste becomes compacted and that’s when problems begin.

Hair – This is another culprit that has a habit of clogging drains, hair is one of the biggest causes of blocked shower cubicles and baths, if your water doesn’t run away your drain definitely needs a little TLC. Fit a strainer over the plughole to solve this problem, it’ll stop clogs and keep the drains running free.

Excess toilet paper – One more issue to avoid in the bathroom is the abuse of toilet paper. Try to flush too much toilet tissue down the loo and the pipes can’t cope, they’ll start to clog up. Go easy on the toilet paper, explain to everyone in the household the importance of flushing away less sheets, especially when small children are involved.

If you experience problems with drains at any point, we’re here to help at West Rand Plumbing.

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