Basic boiler diagnostics

A lack of heating or hot water within a home is more common than you think. In most cases there’s a perfectly good reason why the boiler isn’t working and basic diagnostics can quickly find the fault. Establishing what’s wrong with your boiler doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think, try these fast fixes to find the fault. 

Is there power to the boiler?

First thing to check is has the electric tripped to the boiler? If the unit has a power light you can establish this straight away. Check the circuit breaker and see if this has tripped. A quick reset could be all that’s required to restore power to the unit.

Has the clock been moved?

This is another basic check you should perform. If you set the clock for the heating to come on at a specific time and nothing happens, could something as simple as the dial being moved be causing the problem? This sounds silly but it can and does happen. Another member of your household might have changed the settings on the boiler without you realising it and all you need to do is adjust the clock.

Is the pilot light on?

Older gas boilers are fitted with pilot lights which need to be constantly lit for the heating to work. If the pilot light goes out the boiler doesn’t fire up and that means you have no central heating. Check the pilot if you are using an older type of boiler. If the flame has gone out relight it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Has the thermostat been altered?

Another simple check to make is on the thermostat which could have been turned down without your knowledge. If the hot water thermostat has been turned down or it’s been switched off altogether there could be a lack of hot water to your home. Take a sneaky peek at the thermostat and turn it up if necessary.

Problems with hot water and central heating can arise at any time. If you are struggling to find faults give us a call at Trip Plumbing and we’ll soon have your home back to normal.

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