Bathroom makeovers on a budget

Changing the look of your bathroom doesn’t have to be pricey. In fact, you could makeover the bathroom with a small budget and still achieve a great look without blowing a massive hole in your savings.

Be creative and use a little imagination, your bathroom will look beautiful by following these ideas.

1. Buy a new shower curtain

Shower curtains start to look a little tatty after a while. Mould and mildew clings to the curtain, this makes them look grubby and that does nothing for the appearance of your bathroom.

Consider replacing the curtain with something bright and funky. If money is really tight, consider washing the shower curtain on a cool wash.

Either way, do something to improve the look of the curtain and you’ll do wonders for the bathroom at the same time!

2. Paint the walls a different colour

A new colour scheme injects fresh life into a tired bathroom setting. Try a few colour samples inside the room. They’re cheap to buy and it gives you the chance to toy with a few specialist shades before you make that final commitment and buy a tin of paint.

Be bold and turn your bathroom around with a fresh coat of paint. See how gorgeous it looks afterwards.

3. Swap the toilet seat

Toilet seats are functional and boring right?


Loo seats are features within their own right. Tons of trendy toilet seat designs are on the market at the moment, take a look and see if you spot something that catches your eye.

4. Buy cheap accessories

Bathroom accessories don’t cost that much either and they provide finishing touches within the room. Buy a new toothbrush holder, soap dispenser or bathroom bin to match the theme of the bathroom, shop around for sale items or heavily discounted goods.

5. Invest in new towels

Fresh towels give your bathroom new appeal as well. Paint the walls a different colour for example and purchase a few fluffy towels to match the colour of the new theme.

Fold them and pile them up on a shelving unit within the bathroom, that splash of colour will really bring your bathroom to life.

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