Care advice for gas and electrical appliances

We all use them but do you look after the gas and electrical appliances in your home?  Most of us refrigerate food, cook meals and wash clothing using a wide variety of appliances without giving any special consideration to the domestic device we are using. Appliance repairs are one of our areas of expertise at Trio Plumbing but you could prevent issues in the future by taking this simple household device advice.  

Our top tips for domestic devices:

Fridges and freezers

  • Never place fridges or freezers next to heat sources
  • Defrost when you start to notice the build-up of ice
  • Clean thoroughly at least once a month
  • Switch to energy-efficient models


  • Turn off ovens and hobs the moment you have finished using them
  • Wipe ovens and hobs clean after use (let them cool first)
  • Give hobs a thorough clean once a week
  • Have your oven professionally cleaned twice a year


  • Never put anything metallic inside the microwave
  • Leave the top clear to create good ventilation
  • Wipe the inside clean after use
  • Remove and wash the cooking plate after spillages

Washing machines

  • Avoid overfilling the machine
  • Wipe the front, top and sides clean once a week
  • Clean out the soap drawer once a month
  • Make sure the washer is stable
  • Leave the door open after washing to ventilate the machine

Tumble Dryers

  • Clean lint away from filters
  • Wipe lint away from door seal
  • Only half-fill the dryer for maximum performance
  • Don’t place sopping wet items into the dryer, spin dry them first

Gas and electric appliances make our lives easier and by taking care of them and using them sensibly they should provide you with many years of service. Of course, from time to time they can develop faults and when this happens you can rely on us at Trio Plumbing to provide you with a fast and efficient appliance repair service.

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