Classic DIY plumbing mistakes

Tackle a few DIY projects around the home and you save a little money, this can also lead to problems though if you approach the schemes in the wrong way.

We’ve been called to countless addresses in the past where DIY projects have led to plumbing disasters and we thought we’d list a few examples in our latest blog.

If you don’t have the skills avoid the following like the plague…

Forgetting to turn off water

This should be the first thing you think of before you tackle a DIY plumbing project.  However, you’d be surprised at the amount of people that forget to perform this simple task much to their regret later.

Fail to turn the water off and don’t be too surprised if water starts gushing everywhere as soon as you start loosening plumbing connections.

Bodging pipes

Before you install new pipework check the diameter conforms to the regulations within your country.

Never join two sections of different sized pipes together. If you are unsure get advice from somebody in the know, bodged pipework leads to big problems a little further down the line.

Over-tightening taps

Got a dripping tap? Don’t try to over-tighten it. This simply causes the drip to get worse and you might break the tap.

The best way to prevent a tap from dripping is to replace a worn washer. If you feel this is a DIY job too far get in touch with West Rand and we’ll come and replace the washer for you.

Tacky tiling

Okay, this might not be related to plumbing per se but it’s still a DIY bathroom task that people get wrong on a regular basis.

There’s a knack to tiling. The wall needs to be clean and in sound condition, tiles should be cut carefully, the right type of adhesive and grout must be used.

Take your time with the tiling, read or watch a guide beforehand and with care, you should achieve a pretty good result.

Of course, if the thought of DIY plumbing fills you with fear, call West Rand for the professional touch!

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