Do you have any of these faults with your electric shower?

Showers are brilliant aren’t they? They wake you up in the morning, energise your body and stimulate your mind, that’s if they are working properly in the first place.  General wear and tear will affect the performance of a shower. Plus poor installation methods can prevent the system running to the best of its abilities as well.  Be warned and watch out for these faults if you love to take a shower, whether that’s first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Electric trips when shower is switched on

If the power circuit breaks the moment you turn your shower on this could be due to a number of reasons. One possible fault is water is coming into direct contact with the wiring within the shower. The other is the neutral and live feed are coming into direct contact resulting in the power tripping at the mains. Either way, have the shower looked at by an electrical expert, they’ll find the fault and fix it fast.

Burning smell coming from the shower    

Any burning smells from the shower should be investigated straight away. In most instances this is likely to be a circuit fault and some type of wiring problem. Don’t continue to use the shower until you have had the problem investigated further by a plumber or electrician. Strange smells coming from inside a shower casing are never a good sign.

On/off switch not working

Push the button or turn the dial on your shower and water should shoot from the head straight away. If the power light is visible but nothing happens when you turn the shower on this could be due to a faulty on/off button. Replacing the part should fix the problem.

 Shower head/hose leaking    

Leaking shower heads and hoses are common shower-related problem. Shower heads wear and hoses start to perish after a while, but these are easy faults to fix. Replacing a shower head and hose is a very simple process. This is one job you can do at home without the help of a plumber.

If you have any concerns about the shower at your home don’t hesitate to contact us at Trio Plumbing and Leak Detectors. Showers are one of our specialties!

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