Electric oven faults and how to fix them

We rely on ovens, they cook for us, help us to prepare meals, but sometimes they become faulty through no fault of their own.

Electric ovens in particular suffer from a wide range of issues and this next post from West Rand explores some of these problems in greater detail.

Faults you might experience with an electric oven…

1. No power

You turn the oven on and nothing happens. If the oven is hardwired and it has a separate wall switch check other appliances in the kitchen. Quite possibly the main circuit board has tripped, reset the switch and try the oven again.

Does your oven plug into a power socket? Check the fuse inside the plug. See if this has blown instead.

2. Grill not working

Turned the grill on but nothing is happening? Switch on the main oven and see if this is working.

If the oven starts to warm up but the grill refuses to work it sounds like you need a new grill element. This is a simple fix we can resolve at West Rand.

3. Interior light not working

This is a classic problem. When this happens the bulb has simply blown, buy a replacement and swap it over when the oven is switched off.

4. Fan not whirring

Fan ovens cook food faster, from time to time fans fail though and they need to be replaced.

Don’t worry though, this is another easy fix for the team at West Rand, fixing fans and replacing busted parts is another of our specialties.

5. Temperature seems too high

Do you burn food even though you follow recipes to the letter and cook food at the recommended temperature?

This could indicate a problem with the oven. More than likely the thermostat needs replacing, it’s having trouble regulating the temperature and it is cooking food on too high a temperature.

These are some of the faults that could affect your oven at any time.

Call West Rand for fast fixes on faulty appliances.

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