How to make your bathroom sparkle part one

Cleaning the bathroom is the probably the last job you want to do come the weekend. After working hard all week the thought of cleaning the shower cubicle is probably the last thing on your mind.

Left as it your shower and basin will quickly start to show signs of dirt and grime. This looks unpleasant and it’s bad for your health so give the shower and the surrounding area a quick clean.

This doesn’t have to be a drag though. We’ll show you how simple it is to the clean the bathroom in our next two blogs.

Try some of these easy to perform tips.

Bathroom surfaces

Clean sink tops, tubs and tiles with a mixture of white wine vinegar and water. Pour the DIY mix into a plastic spray bottle and give surfaces a light misting before wiping clean with a damp cloth.

White wine vinegar is good for cutting through grime and it’ll leave a nice shine afterwards without leaving the heavy aroma normally associated with malt vinegar. Simply spray and wipe clean to achieve spotless results.

Tricky taps

Cleaning around the base of taps can be rather awkward. Tap bases hoard scum. A good tip is to dip an old toothbrush into your homemade cleanser and use the brush to get right to the heart of the problem.

As well as tap bases, old toothbrushes are good for cleaning around the edges of plugholes where dirt likes to hide.

To add shine to your taps mix a little lemon juice with water, it smells nice and leaves sparkling results.

Grubby grout

New tiles with fresh grout look great to begin. Grout starts to look shabby after a while though and signs of mould or mildew might be present.

Cleaning grout is easy. One way is to use a scrubbing brush dipped in a little bleach. Make sure you open the bathroom window nice and wide if you decide to use bleach.

Wear a face mask and rubber gloves when you clean using this method, go over the grout with the scrubbing brush and this should remove most of the mould.

If you want to get deep down into the dirt use an old toothbrush and spot the difference afterwards.

That concludes part one of our bathroom cleaning tips at Westrand Plumbing. Check part two for more handy hints.

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