How to make your bathroom sparkle part two

In part one of our ‘how to make your bathroom sparkle’ blog we explored ways to clean surface areas, how to tackle tricky taps and the best method for grubby grout.

In this second part of the feature we look at shower screens, mirrored surfaces and also tell you the best way to tackle the toilet, which is one of the worst jobs you’ll face in the bathroom.

Plus we’ll give you a couple of additional tips which should improve the way you go about cleaning the bathroom from now on.

Shower screen

Glazed areas are notoriously difficult to keep clean in bathrooms. They fill with fog as soon as steam builds in the bathroom and this can leave nasty streaks afterwards.

One effective way to clean a shower screen is to mist the glass with your white wine vinegar/water mix. Wipe clean afterwards using a piece of kitchen roll then buff to a shine with a piece of screwed up newspaper.

Shower curtain

Dirty shower curtains spoil the appearance of bathrooms. It’s tempting to replace them when they show signs of mould or mildew but a simple wash can restore them to ‘as new’ condition.

Just take the curtain down and pop it into the washing machine with a couple of towels, they’ll rub against it and help to remove mildew stains. Once the washing cycle is complete take the curtain out of the machine, hang it back up and let it dry naturally.

Mirrored surfaces

Use a DIY vinegar mix for mirrored areas too. Simply spray the white wine vinegar solution over the glass and utilise a ball of screwed up newspaper to polish the surface area. Your mirrors will be gleaming afterwards.

To prevent mirrors fogging vent the room as much as possible. Turn on extractor fans or open the window to let steam escape.


Cleaning toilets is a horrible task.  There’s no pleasant way of doing this. It’s a case of slapping on a pair of rubber gloves, rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in, without thinking too much about what you are touching.

Our best advice for cleaning the toilet is to use bicarbonate of soda and go right around the rim before flushing the toilet clean. A useful tip is the close the seat of the toilet before your flush to prevent water and germs spraying into the atmosphere.

Hope you found these bathroom cleaning tips useful. Keep reading our blog posts at West Rand for handy hints and feel free to contact us if you require plumbing services at any point.

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