How to react if you have a burst pipe

What’s the first thing you do when you see a burst pipe? How about panic? That’s a natural reaction, you run around with your arms flailing and in the meantime your home is filling up with water. We don’t want that to happen so here’s our burst pipe survival guide

  • Look for the stop tap:  If you don’t know where your home’s stop tap is find it now to save time when there’s an emergency. It could be under a sink hidden away in a cupboard or down in a dark cellar. Search for it now whilst you have a spare moment and you’ll be ready to react the moment your house springs a leak.
  • Turn off the stop tap: Prevent the flow of water into the property by turning the tap off at the mains. You’ll be able to find the stop tap easily now because you’ve already done the groundwork in advance!
  • Drain water storage tanks: Turn on all the cold taps in the property and let water run freely into your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Run the cold bath tap and flush toilets too, that should empty the tanks quicker.
  • Steer clear of electrical items: If flooding has occurred keep people away from electrical equipment. Water and electrics don’t mix very well so try to turn off the electricity at the mains if you can as long as there are no wet areas near the distribution board.
  • Use buckets if you need to: Places buckets or saucepans under dripping taps to prevent the damage from spreading further and causing even more of a mess.
  • Call the experts: If all else fails, call in the experts at Trio Plumbing and have us take a look at your plumbing for you!
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