Innovative lighting tips for your home

Poor lighting will seriously affect the look and the appeal of your property. Make a few small changes though and the quality of the lighting in your home will be greatly enhanced and the property will have a new level of appeal.

As lighting experts we know what looks good at Trio Plumbing and we wanted to share some of our best tips with you, if you like the idea of creating a new feel to your home.

Do this to improve light levels:

Place uplights on cupboard tops

A great way to add interest to the furniture in your home is to place lighting on cupboard tops, or the tops of wardrobes to cascade light upwards and illuminate dark areas. This works well in kitchens or bedrooms and it’s a simple but stunning look that’s easy to create.

Use floor standing uplighters in living areas

Want to make your lounge look a little bigger? Try putting an uplighter in the corner of the room and you’ll notice the difference straight away. Not only will this add light to a dark corner, it’ll throw light towards to the ceiling and help to create the impression of space.

Add lights to kickboards

Want to give your kitchen the wow factor? Install LED lights within the kickboards that cover the legs on your kitchen cupboards. This throws light across the floor at night and creates a focal feature for otherwise mundane accessories.

Fit LEDs to the base of wall units

Another way to create a contemporary look within your kitchen is to add LED strip lights to the base of wall mounted units. Fit them the outer edge of the cupboards and they’ll make features out of the units whilst beaming light onto the worktops below.

Add uplights to recesses

Look for recesses around the home that could benefit from additional light. This could include wall sections, spaces under stairs, or alcoves in bedrooms. Fit uplighters in these areas and you create a rather distinctive look that has stacks of appeal.

Clever use of lighting dramatically changes the look of your home. If you need a qualified electrician to install lights around your house, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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