Kitchen tips to prevent clogged pipes

Grease, fatty deposits and soap scum are just of the items that cause kitchen drains to clog. Take extra care in the kitchen though, think about what you are doing when you are preparing food or washing up and a clogged drain will be the last thing you need to worry about.

Simple advice is always the best when it comes to drain care. Therefore, read this post and protect your drains from blockages in the future.

Tip # 1

Scrape plates

Clear plates properly before you pop them in the sink. Scrape unwanted food into the bin, do the same with any foods or deposits left in saucepans and the same applies to cooking utensils too.

Remember, anything you leave on the plate will wash down the drain, some of it might stick and this could build into a clog after a while.

Tip # 2

Gather fat

Collect used cooking fat in a tin or some other disposable container before placing this in the waste bin. Never pour used fat down the drain, once it cools it congeals and forms a thick barrier.

If you forget and accidently pour cooking fat into the drain, use boiling water to try to flush the fatty deposits away or tip drain clearer straight down the sink. You could try soda crystals instead. They’re good for unclogging blockages.

Tip # 3

Buy a sink strainer

Place a sink strainer over the plughole to prevent unwanted items flushing down the down.  This way, if you forget to scrape a plate and food waste falls into the sink it’ll be collected by the strainer.

Tip any items that are left in the strainer straight into the bin, this should help in the fight against drain blockages!

Tip # 4

Start a new routine

Get into the habit of cleaning your drains once a week. As already mentioned, soda crystals are good for keeping drains clear. Tip a packet of crystals into the sink, pour a kettle full of hot water over them and watch as the crystals disappear.

Drain maintenance should keep your plumbing clog-free. If you struggle with a blockage call West Rand and we’ll send an emergency plumber out to you.

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