Low water pressure, why it happens and how to resolve it

Water pressure can differ from property to property. Once it leaves the main water pipe there are a number of factors that could affect the pressure of water to your pipes.

Balancing water pressure is one of our areas of expertise at Westrand Plumbing and we thought we’d explain why this problem occurs in our latest article.

What causes low water pressure?

A number of factors can be attributed to low water pressure.

Some of the most common reasons are -

  • Leaking pipes:  If you have a leaking pipe, no matter how small the leak is, this will restrict the flow of water. There are various ways to check for leaks. One is a visual inspection. Look for damp patches near pipes. Another is a hissing sound emitted from the pipe. This is good indication there’s a leak somewhere.
  • Corroded pipes: As pipes get older they start to corrode and this can restrict the flow of water through the channel. Replacing pipes can often resolve the issue. It’s a quick-fix that should improve the pressure of the system.
  •  Stop tap: Is the mains water tap to your property fully open? This is another simple to fix issue that could be reducing the pressure of water. Check the tap is fully open. It’s useful to know where this is just in case you have a leak in the future.
  • Wrong sized pipes:  Narrow supply pipes could be the cause of the pressure problem. If pipes are too narrow they could struggle to meet your home’s demand for water.
  • Shared supply pipes: One final cause for concern if you suffer from poor water pressure is a shared supply pipe. This is a pipe that runs from the main network and services a number of communal properties.  If you are having problems with pressure chat to your neighbours, see if they are experiencing the same issues. The shared supply pipe could be leaking, too small or it could simply be the case that you and your neighbours are trying to use water at the same time.


For any pressure related problems we’re to help at Westrand Plumbing.

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