Pick the perfect plumber in easy steps

Faced with a broken facet, a burst pipe or a gushing geyser, it’s easy to panic and call the first plumber you find online.

How do you know this person is capable of fixing the problem though, are there any telltale signs to give you a little confidence when hiring a plumber for your home.

As always, we’re here to offer expert advice at West Rand and we think you should look out for all of these details.


You wouldn’t book an incompetent person to fix a fault on plumbing, that would be foolhardy and almost certainly it would result in a poor outcome.

Book a plumber and insist on using a competent, highly trained person that knows exactly what they are doing.


Vast experience helps when you hire a plumber. It’s reassuring to know that the person who is working on your installation has a solid history in the industry.

Hire a plumber that has serving customers for decades, we have at West Rand, our teams are some of the most experienced in the field.

Pride in workmanship

Plumber shouldn’t just fix faults. They need to be versatile, be able to handle a range of plumbing duties and take great pride in their work.

Find a plumber that takes pride in their work and this will show in the standard of their skills, excellent customer service is something we strive for at West Rand Plumbing services.

Quick response time

Plumbing emergencies require urgent attention, you can’t afford to hand around when you need a plumber in a hurry, one call and this should send a specialist speeding to your address.

That’s the type of service we offer at West Rand, give us a call and we’ll attend to your needs in the shortest possible time.


Any work carried out by a plumber should come with a guarantee. Our work is at West Rand, we guarantee to deliver an exceptional service at an affordable price.

Try us, bet you’ll love what we do!

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