Power tripping – how to cope in a blackout

It’s quite daunting the first time you experience a power cut, especially if your home is deprived of electric during the hours of darkness.

Be prepared for this moment though and doesn’t have to be as daunting. Getting through a power cut can actually be a challenge and the points we raise here should most definitely help.

Keep candles/torches on standby

Place candles, matches, torches and batteries in a convenient place so you can reach them easily in the event of a power cut. This will provide you with a temporary means of light and you’ll be able to find your way around your home and take up refuge in a safe place until the power is restored. Be careful though. Don’t leave candles unattended, especially if you have small children or pets in your house.

Look outside

Check the neighbourhood. Look out of the window to see if nearby homes have been plunged into darkness. If there are lights on in other houses, the main distribution board in your home has probably tripped, and power should be restored by resetting the switch. If other properties are without lights, there’s a good chance the entire neighbourhood is experiencing a blackout.

Switch of electrical appliances

Turn off cookers, heaters or electric bar fires during a power cut. Forget to do this and they’ll come back on when the power is restored, this could be dangerous if left unattended.  Keep the door to your fridge closed to keep it as cool as possible. The food inside should be okay as long as the power is restored to your property within a few hours.

Leave a lamp on

Leave a light switched on during the power cut, this will act as your notification device as soon as the power is restored. Switch off all non-essential items of electrical equipment and leave a ceiling or table lamp turned on, once this illuminates, you’ll know you’re back in business.

Have fun!

It’s dark, you’ve lost power, there’s no TV or radio, and you have nowhere to charge laptops, tablets or mobile phones, what do you do? Have a little fun in the dark! Play games, tell spooky stories and chat for a while, it’ll be a nice break from electronic gadgets, and you never know, you might just enjoy being without electric for while.

Of course, if you experience regular power tripping at home this could be the sign of a serious fault and at this stage, contact us for professional help and advice.

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