Quick fix tips to unblock drains

It’s tempting to call a plumber the moment you are faced with a blocked drain but before you do, try a few DIY tactics first.Sometimes a simple solution can fix the fault, this being the case, if you have a blocked drain, here’s what you should do!

Try boiling water – Got a bath that refuses to run waste water away? Bet hair and soap scum are clogging up the drain. Wait until the warm water slowly trickles away and the bath is finally empty then pour a kettle of hot water straight down the drain, see if that shifts the blockage.

Use a set of tweezers – Take a closer look at the plughole in your bath, can you see hairs poking out the top? If so, grab a pair of tweezers and gently tease the trapped hair away, it’s not a pleasant job but it might just do the trick, try to tug as much ‘dead’ hair free as you can.

Pour crystal soda powder – Packets of crystal soda powder are good for clogged drains, you simply tear open the top of the packet, pour the contents down the drain and flush away with hot water. If one packet isn’t enough try repeating the process, if that doesn’t work you might have to call the professionals, don’t worry, we’re always on standby at West Rand Plumbing!

Pick up a plunger – Grab a plunger if your sink is blocked, use the suction action to unclog the drain. There might be a small blockage inside the drain and a quick workout with a plunger will soon have waste water running away.

Lift outside drain covers – Are the outside drains to your property causing problems? If so, lift the drain cover and check inside for leaves, moss or debris that might be blocking the top of the drain. Spend a few minutes removing all the debris and this could be the answer to your prayers.

Not all drain issues are resolved this easily of course, if a problem persists please feel free to ring one of the team at West Rand whenever you need assistance or advice.

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