Quick plumbing tips to prevent future problems

Routine maintenance helps to keep water pipes running smoothly and you don’t need to be a qualified plumber to protect your home from potential problems in the future. Here are simple measures you can take to look after the plumbing in your home, use these tips and keep pipes flowing freely

Check taps for leaks – Leaking taps waste water so perform a regular check on all the taps in your property. Repair if necessary and tighten up taps if they start to move. This is a simple fix and well worth the effort.

Place strainers over drains – Buy plastic or metal strainers and place them over the drain hole in your bath or sinks. Strainers stop hair, soap and gunk from clogging up the drain, give them a wipe out regularly and keep them in good working order.

Clean out drains – Pour soda crystals down the sink and bath drain once a month, flush with hot water. This is an eco-friendly way to keep drains running smoothly; it’ll remove any build-up in pipes and should keep your pipes in healthy condition.

Cover outside drains – Place covers over outside drains to prevent leaves and garden debris from falling down the hole. Clear away any leaves that fall onto the cover and remove it every once in a while to scoop away any debris that might have found a way down the sides.

Insulate pipes – Pipes can freeze during cold conditions so use protective foam covers for winter protection. They’re cheap to buy and take seconds to fit, anyone can perform this task.

Look for leaking pipes – Check the condition of pipes under sinks and in other areas to see if there are any signs of leaks. Something as simple as a loose connector could be fixed in seconds, a quick tighten is all it needs.

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