Safety advice for electrics within the home

We provide a complete range of electrical services at West Rand including power installations, fault finding on circuit breakers, gate automation and we also repair electrical appliances as well!

This one stop service puts in a prominent position within the industry. No matter what type of electrical service you require we are confident we’ll complete the work to the highest standards.

Care should be taken with home electrics, never tackle a DIY electrical project unless you are a competent electrician and prevent potential hazards using this safety advice.

Safety alert!

Avoid a water/electric mix

Don’t touch electrical appliances with wet hands. Water and electric are a lethal mix, keep wet hands away from socket outlets and avoid water coming into contact with electrical appliances.

Mix water and electric together and the result can literally be shocking.

Safety alert!

Cover sockets

Use socket covers within the home, this is especially important if you have small children. Cover exposed sockets with a plastic, plug in cover. Kids are curious, they’ll try to push small objects into sockets and this might have disastrous consequences.

Safety alert!

Stop tugging cables

Never pull appliances around by their leads, especially if they are plugged into an electrical outlet. Not only could this damage the cable, it could give you a shock as well.

Safety alert!

Fix broken light switches

Loose or damaged cover plates on sockets and light switches should be fixed or replaced straight away. They protect you from internal wiring, touch a damaged switch and you are dicing with danger.

West Rand will replace busted cover plates as per your instructions. Call us if you feel concerned.

Safety alert!

Stop overloading sockets

Plug adaptors into power outlets and this gives you a false sense of security. It’s a little too easy to overload the adaptors and this could result in a fire. Try to use one item per socket. Or, if you need to plug more than one item into a socket outlet, use a fused extension lead instead.

Safety alert!

Unplug items when not in use

Don’t leave electrical appliances plugged into a wall socket just for the sake of it either. If you’re not using them and you can unplug them, do so and stay safe, just plug them back in when you want to use them again.

Hope you find this electrical safety advice useful.

Best wishes from West Rand Plumbing!

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