Tips to stop pipes freezing in cold weather

The pipes in your property are placed under extra pressure during extreme drops in temperature.  As temperatures plummet pipes are prone to freezing, this can result in a burst and as you can guess, this will cause untold devastation in your home.

To prevent this problem, we have taken the proactive approach at Westrand Plumbing with a blog about freezing pipes – keep reading to find out ways to protect your pipes this winter.

Insulation helps

A good level of insulation helps to keep your home warm during the winter. This will trap heat within the property and generally makes the dwelling warmer and more energy efficient as well. Insulation is good for central heating pipes too. Lag pipes with insulating materials and it should help them to cope when the temperatures start to drop.

Monitor pipes frequently

Left on their own during freezing weather conditions, pipes are prone to bursts. It’s important to keep checking pipes as often as you can, if you are going to be away from the property during freezing weather, ask a neighbour, friend or relative to check on the property for you, this way they can spot any problems straight away and prevent a major disaster.

Leave the heating on

Another tip is to programme your boiler to come on a couple of times per day when you are away from the property. Set the heating to a low temperature, let the pipes warm up and keep the chills at bay, this should prevent any major issues from occurring.

Fix leaks on taps

Got a leaky tap or need to replace a washer? Keep maintenance up to date, leaking taps are prone to freezing, when this happens it blocks the pipe and this could lead to bigger issues. Leaking taps are easy to fix, if you need help in this area a quick call to Westrand Plumbing will save the day!

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