Why do pipes leak?

At best a leaking pipe is a minor nuisance. At worst a problem pipe causes untold damage to your home. Discover a leak and one call to Westrand Plumbing will soon fix the issue, but what causes a pipe to leak in the first place?

We look at the most common reasons for pipes to fail in our latest blog, carry on reading for information about leaks and pipe related problems.

The most common causes of leaking pipes

  1. Change of temperature: Extreme changes in temperature severely affect the performance of pipes. Take freezing weather as a classic example. When pipes freeze they contract, as they thaw and water runs through them the pipes expand, this causes gaps or cracks and water seeps from the crevice.
  2. Clogs: Blockages in pipes are another major issue that often results in a leak. We’ve covered the subject of blocked drains in one of our previous blogs, when pipes get blocked with waste material the water has to escape somewhere and this is often from plumbing joints.
  3. Poor workmanship: Ill fitting pipes are another cause of leaks. If your plumbing installation is less than perfect don’t be too surprised if you suffer from a few leaks in the future. To avoid this, use a respectable plumbing team for any installation work, try Westrand Plumbing for example!
  4. Movement: Older types of properties suffer from movement and this sometimes causes problems with plumbing as well. If the property moves the plumbing will move too and when this happens there’s a good chance there’ll be a leak.
  5. Age: Pipes start to wear when they get old, when they wear they deteriorate and this is another common cause of leaks. If your plumbing installation is old it might be time to think about updating it with a new system, give us a call at Westrand and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote!
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